High Quality + Therapeutic Grade equals Greater Potency + Less Dosing

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★ Each and every one of our product formulations are backed by extensive Clinical Research. 

 Many of our raw materials are only available through exclusive partnerships that are not available to other suppliers.​

 Our supplements are Professional Grade, developed by Functional Medicine Doctors and Researchers and are to be taken under doctors supervision. 

★ Our sources for materials are 90-95% European. Throughout the online and chain-store supplement industry, China is a major supplier for raw materials and ingredients which are commonly known for their poor quality.  European sourced material denotes a better quality grade and much higher standards.​​ 

A certificate of analysis can be provided to any customer on any product upon request within 72 hours.

About HealthMatrix

The HealthMatrix supplement line is currently a privately formulated line by several outsourced manufacturers and companies. The largest of these sources that will provide products that are produced utilizing the finest raw materials and outstanding FDA compliance is our partner OrthoMolecular. They are a USA based manufacturer and located out of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. They abide by extremely strict standards and every component of each supplement is tested for validity, which means it is exactly what it says it is.

Our product ingredients are inspected to ensure they are of the purest form and are not in any way tainted or contaminated. If a supplier ships a raw material, it must be tested before it is received. All raw materials are quarantined until they can prove that they have met this standard. Once validated, they go through the manufacturing process. The facility where this occurs is an FDA audited facility. The industry standard form the supplement industry is the Good Manufacturing Practices. Health matrix abides by the cGMP. This is the most current and up-to-date standard for manufacturers.

Finally, every product is put through a rigorous analysis to be certain that what the package claims is contained within it, is exactly as what was stated. This is called a Certificate of Analysis. HealthMatrix can provide a Certificate of Analysis for any bottle of any product at any time. This analysis ensures that each product is precisely what is says it is; no contaminants and the FULL strength that is claimed. There is no chance the customer will receive anything less than what they paid for. Each product is also certified for potency through its expiration date.