Bowel Regularity Support

• Supports Bowel Regularity

• Helps With Occasional Constipation

• Supports Blood Sugar Balance Already Within Normal Levels

• Maintains Healthy Cholesterol Levels

This product is a natural fiber supplement containing a balanced ratio of soluble to insoluble fiber to help with occasional constipation and maintain long-term bowel regularity. The main ingredient in this product, psyllium husk, is one of the most widely used fibers in natural bulk laxatives. The psyllium husk used in this product is 100% organic and free of the contaminants often found in other sources of psyllium.

In addition to psyllium, this product includes flax seed for its balance of soluble and insoluble fiber, rice bran for its glycemic balancing effects and pectin, a soluble fiber found in apples. Fig fruit and prune are also included because they contain natural compounds which act as mild colonic stimulants to relieve symptoms of occasional constipation. A three-capsule serving of this product includes 2 g of fiber and offers a great alternative for those who prefer not to consume fiber in liquid form.



Occasional constipation affects 15-20% of the US population. It can be caused by stress, dehydration, or diet and lifestyle choices. The prevalence of refined sugars and carbohydrates in the modern diet, combined with the low presence of fiber, is linked to slowed bowel transit time and altered colonic environment. Dietary fiber, the indigestible part of plant foods, enables smooth bowel movements, prevents occasional constipation, and promotes healthy gastrointestinal (GI) microflora balance. Other effects of fiber depend on the type (soluble or insoluble).